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We make whole milk greek style yogurt and vegan coconut milk yogurt. Sold in various small grocers in the DFW metroplex, as well as Central Market across Texas. Feel free to email with questions, we love hearing from our yogurt fans ! 

Coming Soon... vegan yogurt is joining the Greek at Central Market!! 



"I eat this every day!"

"My kids can't get enough!"

"NEED NEED NEED more of this yogurt!"

"Three in the fridge at home, and three in the fridge at work!"

cultured with billions   of probiotics


texas milk 
"you cant buy happiness, but you can buy yogurt and thats kind of the same thing"

local, artisan,  crafted old school







food is our connection to others, a moment where we step away from life’s demands and focus on taking care of each other or those around us. in our family, making one another a meal has always been a silent expression of love. whether sheeting pasta for dinner, making a pho broth to help stave off a winter flu, or toasting the best grilled cheese sandwiches on the planet, the act of making a meal for someone brings us an inexplicable sense of joy.


as it turns out, food is also our medicine.  steph wasn’t well and hadn’t been for a while. constant stomach cramping, doctor after doctor, medication after medication, it was always a dead end. it was some happenstance research into fermentation for a menu item that walked in the concept of gut health… an unromantic term that belies a profound concept.  the idea that an improper balance of healthy bacteria in your “gut” can not only upset your stomach, but decrease serotonin levels triggering malaise, insomnia, and a whole host of other badness.  less than 48 hours later, milk and patience was born… kinda.  the first batch of yogurt went into the water just over three years ago.  kombucha, kefir, and a whole host of fermented foods would soon follow.  within weeks steph was off of all medication and nearly symptom free.  the end is also the beginning in this story… 


over the last few years, the conversation has happened so many times with family, friends and strangers alike… similar descriptions of symptoms, similar trips to the doctor, same lack of results.  so we would make a little more, and a little more… and all of a sudden, there was yogurt in progress at our house 7 days a week, with people sending us shipping labels and money for ingredients.  some swear that its helped them in similar ways, some eat it because its absolutely delicious yogurt.  we’ve never cared why, we are just glad that in some small way we can do our part to make peoples day a little better.


so here it is. same as its always been. made by us just as if it was for us. this isn’t manufactured. it’s crafted old school… with just some milk, a whole lotta patience, and love

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